Privacy Policy

Like most businesses, Seek Creation holds and processes a wide range of information about its customers and other persons who may be interested in Seek Creation's services.

This privacy notice applies to all Seek Creation operations, and explains the type of information that we process, why we are processing it and how that processing may affect you.

The privacy notice is split into the sections listed below. This page explains what we mean by “personal data”, “processing”, and other terms used in this notice.

We may update this privacy notice from time to time, and will post any revised notice on this web page. Where appropriate we may notify you by email or by a notice on our website that our privacy notice has changed but we recommend that you check this page regularly. Any changes will be immediately effective on posting.

We believe privacy is a right, and you have a right to keep it private. Our goal is to be transparent about how we collect and use information about you, to keep such information secure, and to provide you with meaningful choices.

We accept returns only in terms of exchange. Exchange items can be send through leopards courier at your door step.