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What’s better than styling a chic blouse with pair of jeans, denim skirt or A-line midi skirt? Absolutely nothing! A comfortable-yet-pretty blouse will easily complement your casual and formal looks so that your wardrobe never feels dull.

Simi Boutique’s exclusive one of a kind blouses

Women fashion apparel has no boundaries; it includes all cuts, fabric types, and colours to match everyone’s taste. A classy blouse will give you the look without going too overboard and help you maintain a subtle style. If you want a quick glow up in your wardrobe, get yourself a nice blouse and see the sudden uplift in your personality. Simi Boutique has a wide variety of blouses in store for all age groups so that women are always free to experiment with their style.

Whether you are an up-and-running 30 years old or a college-going young lady who wants to try something sophisticated yet adorable at her date, these cotton blouses are a click away from you. From light to dusky colours, this collection covers all categories. The doll-like cuts and soft cotton materials make these blouses ideal for all weathers and prove to be a worthwhile closet investment. We ensure nature-inspired embroideries to give your preferred blouse a playful touch.

Buy our latest cute yet elegant blouses on a budget

Providing you with high-quality yet affordable apparel items is our main objective. Simi Boutique emphasizes quality and affordability so that you can shop smartly.  All pieces are handmade and all the embroidery designs are inspired by the cuties of nature.  If you are feline or canine lovers and insect admirers, please explore her new blouses launching now and keep an eye for her coming embroidered cotton pieces if you are plant lovers and ocean explorers.

Scroll through this category and find your favourite blouses within a few clicks. After that, select from the available sizes and add your new blouse to the cart. We have incorporated an easy checkout method in our store that saves your time and facilitates first-time buyers.

This collection will speak to like-minded ladies in search of chic yet cute, one of a kind; with a soft retro touch blouses that make you look exceptional and refreshing.

Top 3 blouses that you should check out

  • Puppy embroidered blouse

This super cute blouse is our best seller, it cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Tribal embroidered blouse

A sky blue blouse with refined tribal embroidery is the best for any summer gatherings. You can pair it with a pair of jeans, and rock your look.  Airy cotton material suits the weather.

  • Cat embroidered blouse

Want something out-of-the-box? Try this cat blouse, pair it with a mini denim skirt which will make you look refreshingly cute, don’t miss this feline lovers.