Our brand

Simi is a London based women’s online clothing brand made to embrace femininity with a soft vintage touch.  Her pieces focus on cute embroidery designs on doll-like cotton blouses, floaty & romantic floral dresses made by quality cotton fabric and bold & bright colors Batik dresses/tops.  At the heart of Simi is a desire to help you look refreshingly cute while providing excellent comfort with her affordable pieces.  We want each woman that wears our clothing to feel loved and cute.

Our product

We create pieces with pure fabrics, quality materials, and craftsmanship.  Each piece is handmade by our team with a heart that has an eye for details.  Every embroidered piece is designed, hand-stitched, and made by our experienced embroiderers and tailors in Pakistan.  In our coming future orders, we will focus on more embroidery pieces with cute designs and tribal patterns, both tops, and dresses.  Since our aim is all about to help you look uniquely refreshing and at the same time enjoy great comfort with good quality garments, all our cotton fabrics are organic and every scarf is of the finest cashmere from Pakistan, as Pakistan is one the top cotton and cashmere producing countries of the world.

Who run Simi

Simi is a woman behind this brand, starting her online clothing store in 2019.  With a passion for cute doll-like embroidered pieces and retro floral pieces, Simi runs this store with the help of her team based in Pakistan.  Each garment is handmade by her team of women who have an eye for details to achieve high-quality standards with affordable and reasonable prices as cotton is one of Pakistan’s principal natural resources.
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Hand Made

Hand Made

We work with top quality materials making our clothing manually with great care

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Free Shipping

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